The Girl's Club

The Girl’s Club was a unique place. It offered a variety of services such as beauty parlor facilities, showers, a full kitchen and a music area with a piano.  It also served as a place for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and as a meeting place for many different groups. The Club was under the able direction of Mrs. Hassie Mae Wells as long as I can remember. Mrs. Wells was a kind and gracious lady. When you went into the Club, she made you feel like she had invited you to her home. Her son, Bob, was a good friend of mine and we were in the Boy Scouts together. Again, in keeping with the Pacolet Mills “relative network”, her daughter, Shirley, was married to my first cousin, Perry (Bud) Teaster.

The Girl Scouts often met in the Girl’s Club and at one time had a room of their own in the Club. Mrs. Wells was a Girl Scout leader as was my Great Aunt, Jesse Brown Paige. Click on this link, Girls Scouts, to read more about the Pacolet Mills Girl Scout Troop and to see many photos of their activities.

Most of all my memories about the Girl’s Club involve the birthday parties that I went to there. The Club was a great place for these and many were held there.
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